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Pharmacy shop fitting

Whatever your style, we can meet any design or classical trend. If we are fortunate to refurbish or built your pharmacy, you can be sure our team of interior designers shall provide a very personal service from conception, through construction right to completion.

The design and layout of your pharmacy and selection of appropriate equipment are critical to your business success; as the equipment you choose will significantly impact on how your business performs. JACQUELOT AGENCEMENT store fitting and his designer’s knowledge and experience in creating precise retail solutions and your knowledge of the market provides the foundation to establishing a successful partnership during the project.

Design, consultation, manufacture, branding and installation are the key elements of JACQUELOT AGENCEMENT service. A wide range of fit-outs and equipment can be provided to give you a sophisticated and appealing environment for your customers and to maximise your return on investment.

An interior store fitting should provide efficiency, aesthetic and return on investment.

  • Demolition and opening of bearing walls
  • Masonry and Stone floor
  • Insulation
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Brands & shopfronts
  • Showcase
  • Automatic doors
  • Metal shutter
  • Electricity & lighting
  • Computer networks
  • Standard TECHNIFARM furnitures (automatic storage devices)


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