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About us


JACQUELOT AGENCEMENT combine traditional values of service and approachability with a genuine interest in your requirements. Starting from your initial concept, we always work closely with you and your design team to make your design become reality.

JACQUELOT AGENCEMENT is a refrigerated food display & retail shop fitting company with over 15 years experience, located in the North East of France. As a designer and manufacturer of display equipment for the retail sector, e have the knowledge and expertise to cater for all shop fitting, food display (above 0°C) and retail interior needs.

Founded by Mr Philippe Jacquelot in 1997, JACQUELOT AGENCEMENT is a family owned and operated company, which has gone from strength to strength throughout the course of its 16 year history.


Our team of skilled shopfitters have a reputation founded on attaining supreme quality finishes, high standards of workmanship and professionalism at all times, we never settle for less than perfection.

Well set up in a 1500m² production factory, our extensive manufacturing capabilities, design office and 3D machineries, allow us to offer a complete range of fit-out solutions, both standard and bespoke joinery, metalwork and acrylic fabrications. To further compliment this offer, we can make your retail vision a reality with our extensive prototyping resources.

Opening hours: From Monday 7.00am till Saturday 10.00pm


Any questions on our services: contact us on +33 (0)326 603 574

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